Welcome to Barbarian Builds for D3

May 14th, 2011


This site lists the best builds for barbarians in Diablo 3. There is a large number of diablo 3 barbarian builds that will be viable in the game and it will depend on what content you are doing, if you are grouped, what classes you are playing with and your play styIe. I will be listing Barbarian builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Barbarian and the skills available to them.

I will be listing D3 Barbarian Builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Diablo 3 Barbarian and the what skills are available to them.

Here is a video I found on youtube that shows summary of the barbarian class for Diablo 3.

If you have any barbarian builds you would like to submit to this site please email them to admin@d3barbarianbuilds.com. When you submit a build also submit information on how to play the build and any relivant information. Please use the battlenet diablo 3 character builder as it is currently the most up to date engine for making builds.

How To Gear Your Barbarian

Barbarians should be looking at trying to buff the following stats:

Before barbarians do inferno the main stats you want to focus on is Str and Vit, in equal ammounts. I usualy prefer to use a high DPS one hander and a shield with a high block value all the way threw but some prefer to go with a higher DPS 2 hander but I find it makes it harder to get the armor and resists you need to survive later on.

After you get to inferno then resist all becomes very important, you should have about 400 before you attempt act 2 or you get quickly mowed down. You should also be focusing on getting your armor up and increasing the quality of your weapon. The DPS of your weapon is all important, yes other stats are nice to have on it but the DPS on the weapon will be mainly what drives your damage. You may even want to consider a cheaper blue weapon with a high DPS to reduce the cost when purchasing a weapon.

Because of all of the stats you have to focus on for gear as a barbarian it can be very expensive to gear one.

For inferno I would suggest a builds that have:
Frenzy, with Sidearm rune (a must)
Revenge, with Provocation rune (a must)
Warcry with Impunity (a must)
Ignore Pain
Wrath of the Berserker with Insanity
Threatening Shout
Battle Rage
Leap with Iron Impact

Pasives I recomend:
Nerves of Steel
Tough as Nails
and if you don't need one of the above replace it with Ruthless


Diablo 3 Barbarian Builds

D3 Barbarian PVE Builds:

Barbarian Thorns Build - This build has a lot of armor buffs but you will have to have a lot of resist all to do well with this build in inferno

Praetorian Build - This is an interesting barbarian build that doesn't have any primary fury generators. I has one fury spending move of Seismic Slam, the rest of the talents are fury generators that have cooldowns. Should be interesting to see how this plays.

Inferno Earthquake Build - High base damage multiplier and good survivability.

Inferno Frenzied Smasher - Has a health regeneration, fast rage generation and some good damage/defence buffs.

Barbarian Party Healer - This is a build that generates a lot of health globes.

The Beserker - High DPS build and some good defensive modifiers

Dual Hammer Hidh DPS Build - Very high dps but low defence, basicly support DPS, would require help from other classes to stay up but should be able to do a lot of damage.

D3 Barbarian PVP Builds

(Arenas are not going to be in the release of the game so PVP builds will be listed later)